New York University

I attended NYU from 1998 to 2000 to earn a Master’s of Music in Music Technology, going through the Tonmeister sequence of coursework. I took my education at NYU a lot more seriously than I had taken my education at Cornell; at NYU, though, I did not really have the same quality of academic guidance and teaching as I had at Cornell. The net effect is that the writing is more mature but on the other hand perhaps suffers from a lack of insight. I did have the benefit of increased computing power as well as the benefit of the internet being much more pervasive. Anyway, here are the writings from that era:


  • Master’s Thesis: “A More Realistic View of Mid/Side Stereophony”
  • Experiment: “Directivity Analysis of an Open-Back Combo Electric Guitar Amplifier’s Radiation Characteristics”
  • Proposal: “Directivity Analysis of Electric Guitar Amplifier Radiation Characteristics”
  • CD Review: Giustino Di Gregorio Sprut
  • Mini-Essay: “Why We Need Digital Technology”
  • Sony Music Studios Internship Work Log

Paperwork for Digital Audio Processing (Prof. Kenneth Peacock):
Chapter Abstracts of John Watkinson’s The Art of Digital Audio:

Project Papers:

  • Essay: “Generation Loss with Digital Audio Tape”
  • Essay: “Consumer Benefits of the 24-bit Resolution Revolution”
  • Essay: “24-bit HR Tascam DAT Recorder”

Research Reports:

Weekly Assignments and Article Summaries:

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