Watermargin (1994)

These are some of the first songs I ever recorded. As such, the quality of the lyrics, recordings, music, and performances is fairly rough. That being said, there are a few little gems hidden away amongst this bunch. I was living in the Watermargin Co-op at Cornell when I recorded them, thus the title. All of the songs were recorded on a Tascam Porta02 with a really cheap Radio Shack microphone and mixed down to cassette. I had a old Delta Lab processor for the delay effects, but not much more as far as outboard gear went.

Besides the Willie Dixon tune “My Babe”, all the music was written by me, although “Swans” borrows the melody from the song of the same name by Saint-Saens. Sulya Fenichel wrote the lyrics for all of the songs in the Winter 1994-1995 collection, as well as the lyrics for tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 on the Spring 1995 album.

Fall 1994:Watermargin
1. Watermargin Summer
2. My Babe
3. Underwater
4. Don Jose
5. Niagara Falls
6. Christina
7. Portrait of Suzanne
8. Sue Song
9. Too Much
10. With Whom
11. King Zero
12. Backwards Bill
13. Oranges

Winter 1994-1995:
1. Who’ll Never Know
2. Skin and Sweat
3. Image of My Creation
4. Mr. Potato Head
5. About Nate
6. Invisible Dancer
7. Just Because
8. Check It Out
9. Sleep Paula Sleep
10. My View
11. Legs Like Treetrunks
12. Bonding
13. Tall Tales

Spring 1995:
1. Canada
2. Thoughts
3. Cartwheels On The Median
4. Breaking Bottles
5. One Long Time
6. Swans
7. Have A Son
8. Two Keys
9. Cherries
10. Maybe I Just
11. Strange Jam
12. Old Birds

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