Subtonic (1998)

I wrote a bunch of songs while I was living in Boston after graduating from college. During my second year out of school, living in Jamaica Plain, I cranked out a whole lot of recordings. The best stuff was compiled into this album, which I still admire a lot for its youthful, carefree attitude. I finished the last song in 1998.


1. Hot Snap (multitrack)
2. A.M. (multitrack)
3. Easy Happy (multitrack)
4. November Snow (multitrack)
5. Boxcar Blues (multitrack)
6. Understanding Computers (multitrack)
7. Synthetic (multitrack)
8. Time and Again (multitrack)
9. Closed Circuit Casualty (multitrack)
10. Big Sky (multitrack)
11. Yo, Mitch! (multitrack)
12. Lightweight (multitrack)
13. You Know It (multitrack)

There were also a bunch of great songs that I didn’t include on the album. Here are the bonus recordings from that era:

1. A Domestic Daydream (multitrack)
2. A Girl’s Effect (multitrack)
3. All For One (multitrack)
4. Fifty-Fifty (multitrack)
5. If Only Machines (multitrack)
6. Junky Metal (multitrack)
7. Missing Again (multitrack)
8. Morganic I
9. Morganic II
10. Old Dreamboat (multitrack)
11. Personals (multitrack)
12. Sally Goodin
13. Superstuff (multitrack)
14. The Artistic Bachelor (multitrack)
15. The Days (multitrack)

I went through a fairly intense songwriting phase during those years in Boston, and ended up writing more songs than I had time to finish. As a result, I stockpiled a bunch of demos that perhaps one day I’ll flesh out into final versions. For now, here are the rough tracks from that era:

1. A Summer Sunday
2. All Was Done
3. Another Aftermath
4. Bean’s List
5. Bromide Pill
6. Closed-Circuit Casualty
7. Downtown Dover
8. Elegy to Max’s
9. Gin, Tonic, and Lime
10. Had A Job
11. Interstate Car Rides
13. Pangloss and Beyond
14. Phaeton
15. Schoenberg Is Dead
16. Shy Guy
17. Skyscraper Canopies
18. Superstuff
19. The Achiever
20. The Designers of Rock
21. The Gatto Fritto
22. The Robbery
23. The Wonders of Aviation
24. Yo, Mitch!

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