Hypersuper Remix (2020)

In 2020, a former MTSU student of mine, (Brian) Taylor Galford, decided to remix some old songs from my Hypersuper album. “Remix” is somewhat of an understatement. Taylor re-recorded almost all the basic tracks, adding drums, electric guitars, new bass lines, and other instrumental parts, all of which he played, recorded, and mixed himself. The result is a complete re-imagining of some of the songs on the album. All I can say is that I wish I were as cool as his remixes make these songs sound.


  1. Hester and Essex (TG Remix)
  2. The Young Navigator (TG Remix)
  3. Rain, Rain (TG Remix)
  4. Monochrome (TG Remix)
  5. Touch and Go (TG Remix)
  6. All In a Day (TG Remix)
  7. The Neapolitan (TG Remix)
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