Hypersuper (2000)

I wrote and recorded all of the songs for this album while I was a grad student at NYU. I think these songs kind of marked the culmination of a certain type of sound that I had been working on, a sound that involved a lot of vocal canons and guitar drones. These were also the first recordings done on my newly-acquired 1/2″ 8-track analog tape machine.

1. Rain, Rain (multitrack)
2. Turning White (multitrack)
3. Out Of Mind (multitrack)
4. The Young Navigator (multitrack)
5. Up and Down (multitrack)
6. There’s This Girl (multitrack)
7. Monochrome (multitrack)
8. Arkansas Traveler (multitrack)
9. Touch and Go (multitrack)
10. Eureka, Arizona (multitrack)
11. Hester and Essex (multitrack)
12. Deliver Me (multitrack)
13. All In A Day (multitrack)
14. The Neapolitan (multitrack)
15. Dull Hum (multitrack)

I recorded an alternative version of the song “All In a Day” with my friend Jeremy Greene on drums.

There was also one song, “On The Lam” (multitrack), that never made it onto the album.

During the time I was recording the album, I worked up a version of my old song “Interstate Car Rides” (multitrack) as well.

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