Acremaker (2005)

I finished work on Acremaker in 2005. It was my most “produced” effort to-date. Stacin Gregson plays drums on each song. Chip Harlan sings back-up on a lot of the tunes. Other than that, I play all of the instruments and do all of the singing. I should also mention that Stacin Gregson, Chip Harlan, as well as Stephen Baniak and I were all in a Brooklyn-based band at the time of this album, so a lot of the arrangements (both in terms of instrumentation as well as form) were inspired by our practice sessions. Below, you’ll find links to mp3 versions of the songs as well as the full multitrack versions of the songs (about 250 MB each).

1. Wonderin’ (multitrack)
2. Can’t Tell You (multitrack)
3. Lonesome (multitrack)
4. Poor Mother (multitrack)
5. Need a Woman (multitrack)
6. Over the Top (multitrack)
7. Borderline (multitrack)
8. Homebound (multitrack)
9. Over You (multitrack)
10. Broken Up (multitrack)
11. I’ve Tried (multitrack)

The entire album was recorded directly to Pro Tools at 24-bit, 44.1 kHz. The drums and vocals were recorded at The New School (55 West 13th Street) in a recording studio that I basically designed and built myself. The rest of the instruments (guitars, bass, keys, etc) were recorded in my tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn. All the songs were mixed by my friend Brian Garten on his laptop and mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound. The album cover is a picture from the collection of photographer Christian Patterson, who played lead guitar in the band for awhile.

If you’d like, you can purchase the whole album (as a CD or download) from CD Baby or iTunes.

A couple of tracks were intended for the album but were left off. They are in a semi-completed form. I offer them here as unfinished bonus tracks:

I also began to write songs for a new album, although that never really materialized due to the demands of my PhD program. Here are some demos of those songs, my last recordings from Brooklyn.

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