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Losing Ground (2005)Losing_Ground
My friend Bryan Wizemann wrote a great play some time ago, and when he wanted to turn that play into a movie, he asked me to write some little musical snippets for the soundtrack. Most of the stuff I wrote did not get included in the movie, but I think I created some quirky little soundscapes that have a life of their own.
* Faraway Banjo
* Long Theme
* Low Riff
* Main Theme
* Short Theme
* Slide Blues

Public Radio (Hillary Frank)
Hillary Frank, an old friend of mine from Boston, has a pretty successful career as a radio producer and book writer. She uses some of my songs as background music for her radio pieces once in awhile. Here are a few examples:
* “Narcoleptic Christmas.” Weekend America. National Public Radio. 23 December 2006.
* “Looking for God in All the Wrong Places.” Weekend America. National Public Radio. 10 July 2004.
* “All My Stuff in Bags.” Chicago Matters. Chicago Public Radio. 13 May 2004.
* “Sad, Sad, Sad.” Chicago Matters. Chicago Public Radio. 20 April 2004.
* “Me and My Realtor.” Chicago Matters. Chicago Public Radio. 8 April 2004.
* “A Disabled Person Looks for a Home.” Chicago Matters. Chicago Public Radio. 15 May 2002.

My friend Matthieu Cornillon (affectionately nicknamed “Doc”) was directing a small theatre production based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth called Desdemona. I wrote a main theme for the production, as well as a ton of little variations for scene changes. The play is by Paula Vogel and was performed at Theater 54 in New York City, June 2003.
* Desdemona – Main Theme

The Last Menagerie
My friend Sarah Snider from NYU hooked me up with this little gig writing incidental music for an off-off-off-broadway theatre production called The Last Menagerie based on The Glass Menagerie. The music that I wrote was actually not all that bad, but it did help in convincing me that classical-type composition and/or soundtrack-type composition was not my forte. The play was directed by David Vining and played at the HERE Arts Center in New York City, Jan-Feb. 2001.
* Amanda’s Theme
* Jim’s Theme
* Laura’s Theme
* Laura’s Theme (Alt)
* Tom’s Theme
* Tom’s Theme (Alt)

On the Fringe (2001)t85867b1v9o
Dir. Jeff Palmer. Flicker Productions.

Sense (1998)
Dir. Bryan Wizemann. Ballast Films.

The Killing Jar (1996)
Dir. Maximilian Cutler. Red Rabbit Productions.

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