Songs for Sarah (2013)

I wrote some songs for my wife (after a long PhD-induced hiatus). Here are some demos of this stuff:

• (Aug.) Beyond Belief
• (Sep.) OK Wherever
• (Oct.) Snow Nose
• (Nov.) After the Storm
• (Dec.) Holiday Cheer
• (Jan.) Until July
• (Feb.) Ursa Major, Ursa Minor
• (Mar.) Me Without You
• (Apr.) For Hazel
• (May) Change of State
• (Jun.) Something Else
• (Jul.) Happily Ever After

In the 2012-2013 academic year, my wife and I were living apart, she in New York City while I was in Ithaca. I promised to write her a song a month for the year. These are all 12, in the order they were written. The recordings are just demos, each recorded with a single mic in one take (with some minimal overdubs on a few). Perhaps one day I’ll get a chance to record and post higher quality versions.

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