NW/SE (1996)

During the summer of 1996, I lived in Easthampton, MA (just outside of Northampton/Amherst) with a couple guys, playing in a band called Lumber. The two guys were Todd Bourret and Ravi Jonnal, both friends from school. It was a really great time, mostly because I was just living off savings (and the proceeds from selling my ‘cello). We had rented a practice space in some abandoned warehouse. I would go there every night around 11pm or so and record music until 4am.

1. Organic I
2. Dollar Down Drafts
3. Effects of Aircraft
4. Au Pays de Cocaine
5. First Sight
6. East of Nowhere
7. Dollar Down Deal
8. Organic II
9. That Special Girl
10. Rockhead
11. May 28
12. Dirty Pictures
13. Europe ’96
14. Cold Cuts and Whiskey
15. Organic III

Originally, the album consisted of 20 unique songs, but I removed some of the tunes to keep the length of the album more
manageable. Here are some rough mixes of the 8 missing songs:
1. Cheap Sunglasses
2. Cucumbers
3. Ego Trip
4. Day Stars
5. Excuse You
6. July 16
7. Strike It Rich
8. The Graduate

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